Columbia Sportswear Headquarters

Columbia Sportswear purchased a 189,000 square foot complex of three joined industrial warehouse and office buildings to develop their Corporate Headquarters.  A circulation spine, nicknamed “The Columbia Trail,” joins the three buildings and was equipped with dramatic lighting to accent marketing photos and natural materials such as columnar basalt stones, slate floor tiles, and kiln-dried Douglas fir poles used to support the company’s rugged image.  The call center is protected by an early detection smoke detection system, which is interconnected to the main fire alarm panel for general evacuation.  The facility boast a lunch room complete with deli-style restaurant, a coffee bar with custom lighting, an executive conference room with rear-screen projection, a networked training center with multi-use lighting configurations, large open warehouse space, and general & executive office spaces.  Electrical consulting services provided through CBG Consulting Engineers for GBD Architects (Craig Stockbridge).